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Mama Has a Mustache is a 10-minute documentary about kids and gender identity. For the month of December, in an effort to counteract the recent spike in legislated hate and physical violence against trans, nonbinary, and LGBT folks, we are making the film free to all. Take action and WATCH NOW!

All contributions go to our continued outreach and impact work, allowing us to get as many eyeballs as possible on this controversial and critical film. If you love the film, please give what you can. 

While the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs that killed five people was shocking and horrible, it did not happen in a vacuum. The past few months have seen waves of anti-trans legislation rolling out across the country and book bans in our schools forbidding kids to learn about LGBTQ identity in the classroom. Threats of physical violence against those who resist have increased dramatically--including those made to us here at Mama Has a Mustache. We need to counteract this bigotry and we need to do it now. 



Sally Rubin

Sally Rubin is a nonbinary Emmy-nominated, documentary filmmaker. Her work includes directorial credits such as DEEP DOWN, LIFE ON THE LINE, and HILLBILLY, which have broadcast on Hulu, Independent Lens, and PBS nationally. 


Thank you for sharing and supporting the film! 

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