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Thank you for supporting the film & impact campaign! To keep doing what we're doing--getting the film in front of the people who need to see it most--we need your support.



Kids have an innocence, inherent wisdom, and compassion that enables them to broach some of today's most difficult and pressing conversations with ease and grace.


Our hope is that the film and its Discussion Guide can be the catalyst for opening up these conversations, with kids and adults alike.

We intend the discussion to be respectful, constructive and safe for  ALL  involved.

A screening of Mama Has A Mustache can be used to spark interest in any of the following topics. In planning a screening, consider finding speakers, panelists, or discussion leaders who have expertise in one or more of the following areas:


  • Gender non-binary / transgender children’s development

  • Parenting children who are gender non-binary / transgender

  • Parents who are gender non-binary / transgender

  • Gender non-binary / transgender mental health issues / Gender Dysphoria

  • Use of alternative gender pronouns best practices

  • Nontraditional family structures

  • Gender non-binary / transgender law issues

  • Gender studies

  • Queer theory

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