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Partnership Statement

In honor of Transgender Awareness week, we're thrilled to partner with PFLAG National to share this film and a Something to Talk About Live! discussion with Director Sally Rubin


Watch the full film with your PFLAG chapter, community members, or family and friends between November 18-20.

  1. Watch the film on this page from November 18-20. 

  2. Join the Something to Talk About Live! discussion on Nov. 17 @ 4:30pm ET/ 1:30pm PT on PFLAG National socials.

  3. Use the Discussion Guide to talk with your family and co-workers.

  4. TAKE ACTION by engaging with the film and supporting our continued impact work.

  5. Contact the filmmakers to host a screening event in your community

About Learn

Our team is working around the clock to get Mama Has a Mustache into the hands of the people who need to see it most. We are constantly fundraising, as all donations and contributions go straight to the impact campaign for the film. While we are so pleased to be able to make the film available for free as much as possible, we are grateful for any contribution you feel you can make. 

$500- funds one week of impact work
$100- gets the film into a public classroom
$50- helps support our software expenses for the month 
$25- makes the film available to a family 


"This is a groundbreaking film - a must-see for literally everyone."

— Sam Feder, Director

Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen


Watch Something to Talk About Live! with
Sally Rubin (Mama Has a Mustache Director) and Joseph Kosciw (GLSEN Research Institute Director)




Sally Rubin

Sally Rubin is a nonbinary Emmy-nominated, documentary filmmaker. Her work includes directorial credits such as DEEP DOWN, LIFE ON THE LINE, and HILLBILLY, which have broadcast on Hulu, Independent Lens, and PBS nationally. She has done producing, writing, and editing on films that have aired on Frontline, HBO, and the Sundance Channel, and on the experimental LGBT-themed films such as Wu Tsang’s WILDNESS, Sam Feder’s DISCLOSURE, and Shaleece Haas’ REAL BOY. Rubin has received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, Chicken and Egg Pictures, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Fledgling Fund, among others. Her films have screened at top festivals including the LA Film Festival, DOC NYC, Big Sky, and the American Documentary Showcase, as well as LGBT-focused festivals such as Outfest and Frameline. A graduate of Stanford’s documentary program, Rubin is a judge for the Emmy Awards, the International Documentary Awards, and a proudly out, queer professor at Chapman University.


Thank you to PFLAG
for helping to further this important conversation.

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